Glimr uses the power of the crowds to add location intelligence and segment users across devices which opens up for new and innovative ways to communicate. 



Target users based on their current or historic location. 



Use BLE sensors to target users hyper locally in stores, at fairs or near a coca-cola fridge. 


Use other installed apps on the device to gain a deeper understanding about the user. 


Target users based on what type of articles they are reading in realtime. 


When users are connected to specific wifi's brands can choose to reach out.


Ice cream brands can reach out to users when the sun is out. A flexible way to target users based on weather conditions. 


Glimr supercharges your sales team by making all the targeting options available through a simple dashboard.


Your existing ad server or SSP easily hooks up to Glimr giving you instant access to a new suite of sales tools. 


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